Caring for the world one drop at a time

Through the collection and trading of Used Oils and Others Materials.

Providing advice on sustainability and environmental management.



UCO Collection Sistem



Wastes as Raw Materies

LATAM – Europe





We are an environmental engineering company specialized in achieving the sustainability of organizations and communities in Latin America through the advice, recycling and commercialization of waste with the purpose of taking care of our rivers, seas and oceans.

We believe in a sustainable balance from the economic, social and environmental point of view. So we want to convey our conviction that this is possible through innovation, will and discipline.

The race to achieve a world with a zero carbon footprint is long and is just beginning. As allies of companies and institutions we work to fulfill it.


We have different business units to fulfill our mission. Based on the integration between efforts and possibilities at each level of the circular economy.

1. Waste collection and Recogreen system

Over the years we have created recycling systems based on the collection and treatment of used plastics and used vegetable oils at an industrial, commercial, institutional and domestic levels.

Our Recogreen system is one of them. Focused on the collection of used vegetable oil from restaurants and hotels, we generate an optimized collection routes by areas that facilitate the management of members, the traceability of the used oils collected and the reduction of the carbon footprint produced by the operation.

2. Advice and guidance on sustainable development and environmental management

We start from the basis of empowerment through information, working hand to hand with companies, organizations and communities to educate and raise awareness about climate change, the consequences it is generating in the world, and what we can do to counteract its effects today and in the future.

We generate solutions so our clients and allies can become more efficient in their activities without sacrificing effectiveness. Bringing them closer to sustainability goals. Being more efficient at an economic, social and environmental levels.

3. Trading of raw materials and sustainable products

We offer trading channels between waste operators, sustainable product manufacturers and processing companies in LATAM and Europe that facilitate negotiations and establish trust. We work with biodiesel refineries, soap factories and biorefineries.


(Used Cooking Oils)

Animal Fats

(And Other Oils)


(Palm Fatty Acid Distillate)


(Palm Oil Mill’s Wastewater)

Making a path with traceability and sustainability

We commercialize with materials from food production industries, restaurants and refineries


Hesperia Hotel

It’s part of the nh hotels group. Being one of the most important in Latin America


Cargill is a multinational that provides food for over 70 countries.


Association of Executives of the Carabobo State. Venezuela.


From the beginning, at Ecogreen Mundo we have optimized the production chain of industries, businesses and communities to enhance their by-products or residuals, leading to their transformation and commercialization in local and international markets. We also implemented a plan for the collection of used vegetable oils smart and scalable projects and created awareness campaigns in communities, colleges and universities.

One of the most efficient oil collection systems today powered by an intelligent grid and collection routes

Recycling of plastics like PET and HDPE

Our UCO clients as Restaurantes y Stores.

Presence in three countries and two continents.

Refineries clients in Europe and LATAM